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Either/Or : Part 1 Kierkegaard

Either/Or : Part 1 Kierkegaard

Either/Or : Part 1 Kierkegaard's Writings by Edna H. Hong, Howard V. Hong, Soren Kierkegaard

Either/Or : Part 1 Kierkegaard's Writings

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Either/Or : Part 1 Kierkegaard's Writings Edna H. Hong, Howard V. Hong, Soren Kierkegaard ebook
Page: 728
ISBN: 0691020419, 9780691020419
Format: pdf
Publisher: Princeton University Press

I don't recall ever having read about K. Among the philosophers of the 19th Century, Soren Kierkegaard stands out for several reasons. His pseudonymous works ( you mention several– Fear and Trembling, Sickness Unto Death, Either/Or, et cetera) are excellent, but aren't meant to be taken as direct theology, which makes them a bit difficult to work with. But I think Kierkegaard would have understood and appreciated a cultural project such as this. This entry was posted in culture and tagged books, history, Kierkegaard, quotations, Soren Kierkegaard, writing. Your views, after all, are not being tested. Kustassoo proves that the "Explanation" can be interpreted variously to support either of two positions:. In such a book–especially not as part of that “great cloud of witnesses” evangelicals like to look back to–our heroes and spiritual ancestors. Some time ago I posted about a beautiful book cover — Kierkegaard's The Seducer's Diary featured at Sutura. Loneliness: A Coloring Book by Daupo, Part 15 » The volumes of Kierkegaard's writings put out by Princeton University Press used to drive me crazy. I think this Kierkegaard cover tops the one you have from “Either/Or”:. Kierkegaard is extremely critical of Hegel and of philosophy in general. Unless you are Kierkegaard, writing "Either/Or" will not show your ability to choose a view and support it. We didn't trade email addresses, as neither of us had one of those either. "Akadeemia" scrutinizes the nature of (Kierkegaard's) writing and the writing of nature; "Lettera internazionale" mediates between history and memory; "Esprit" lists the perfect ingredients for an authoritarian drive á la Orbán; . I personally witnessed that – Hayek never got over this defeat and attributed it more to the general zeitgeist than to scientific knowledge." .